Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bloody travel agent!

Check out the conversation below between Tour Exotica (a travel agent company in Kuching) representative, and myself over my india trip screw up.

She informed me that going to Bangalore does not require a visa and when I am about to check in, MAS says that I need a visa and was refused entry. Did the visa and ordered a second ticket to go, unfortunately it was too late, as the meeting finished earlier than scheduled. So fine, cancelled the second ticket too.

Now, why should I pay for a ticket I did not use and for the problem that was wholly caused by the travel agent?
Don't they know that I could have sue them for the loss of the company's business and my own personal loss which is worth thousand times more than the stupid ticket?

And after she agreed paying, she said "she doesn't feel good to talk loud"... what kind of attitude is that? Is she implying that if she feels good then she will talk loud(ly) to me? How much she has lost from paying for the ticket penalty? Not much. How much has she lost from losing my family and I as customer? Well... do your maths.

Our whole family has been her long time customer, doesn't she still want to keep us as a customer? Bloody hell, I feel like having a one night stand.

Damn I am so pissed!

(09:59:32) nelson: yes...
(09:59:40) nelson: i saw your message yesterday
(09:59:50) 郑秀俐。: ooooooooooooooook
(10:00:25) nelson: how come i need to pay your friend?
(10:01:57) 郑秀俐。: u give green light to willian issue tkt and he get joanne to proceed then last minute u cancel right?
(10:02:40) 郑秀俐。: n william do help you to book one night stay hotel in india
(10:02:55) nelson: yes I did, but the whole thing should not have happened if there's no problem with the visa right?
(10:03:56) 郑秀俐。: dont mind courrier me the mas tkt that i send to you
(10:04:14) nelson: I will send that ticket to you, no problem.
(10:08:33) 郑秀俐。: ok... never mind .. i pay for your second part also bout 2thousand plus.. dont want to lo so lo so liao... i was admitted hospital dont feel good to talk loud .. please send me back the mas ticket otherwise i lost bout 5thousand plus...thank you

Monday, December 4, 2006


First time getting 100% for something... well, it's not that hard.

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mba Yanti and gang

DON'T be fooled by the jilbabs, this bunch of hot mums are so happening, it beats teenagers sitting on the next table in the noise and laughter department! :-D

Nipple hair conversation

[15:11:46] … shit, why do i have hair around my nipple har?
[15:12:28] Nelson Ngu: :d
[15:12:31] … u wanna blog that?
[15:12:37] … it's normal
[15:12:38] uos|!M: hehehee... u got hair on your nipple?
[15:12:42] … only gals dun have
[15:12:46] … and if they have
[15:12:47] uos|!M: really? damn, i plug it out one by one.
[15:12:50] Nelson Ngu: they need to see doctor
[15:13:02] … hey it will grow longer and harder than original
[15:13:05] … leave it
[15:13:06] uos|!M: damn painful when i plug the hair out... scared got breast cancer.
[15:13:08] Nelson Ngu: and live with it
[15:13:22] … i think i should cut and paste this conv and blog it
[15:13:28] uos|!M: reallllyyyy? thanks for telling me after me plugging it out for couple of times now.
[15:13:29] … hahahaaaa
[15:13:40] Nelson Ngu: I think I should
[15:13:43] … wait and see
[15:13:58] uos|!M: hahahaaa
[15:14:02] … (clap)

Old friends - long time no see.

Wondering what they are talking about...

Tribute to my old car

This is the car that I used to drive for the past 10 years (in Malaysia that is).
He is not a fast car nor reliable and gulps petrol like there's no tomorrow, but with a bit of mod, it handles corner like a dream. With lots of TLC, the body has no rattle whatsoever. For that, I missed him so much.

He was stolen on the night of Independence Day and gangraped by a bunch of @r$e$h0le$. This is the gruesome pics of him after he was found dead 1 week later. ;-(
Rest in Peace.

Everything was ripped apart, nothing is spared.
Nothing can be found to trace the thieves. Can invite CSI to come over and investigate?